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Thoughts on privilege

We are told we are the most privileged generation ever. And that is true, at least for those of us who live in progressing countries.

Sadly, most of us (including me) never had to work for this privilege. The privileged status is our baseline. And not earning this status means that we have no idea how it is helping us, unless you educate yourself on it. But what would be the point of analyzing one's privilege other than gaining some temporary satisfaction of the “it could have been worse" type. If everyone thought that way, we would still be in primitive ages.

Not meaning to complain about some form of helplessness or cluelessness about what to do with it. I have plans and dreams and I could not hope to achieve them if I had been born two generations ago. I know this. But an old man telling me that I am privileged to have things and opportunities they never had is disingenuous. Yeah Mikey, you're wrong. Along with me, there are many more who have been born privileged, and have similar plans and dreams. And all of us are going through life assuming those privileges but also fighting for new ones. Once we achieve them, and a generation later it becomes the norm, we will lecture our kids about how privileged they are.

Anyway, this is coming from my recent attempts to woo women on dating apps and failing constantly and someone on twitter saying that modern men complain so much even in an abundance of women on these applications where back-in-the-day you would be limited to the ladies that maybe frequented your local cafe/bar. “Git gud bruh". Screw these people. First of all, India was never really liberal about dating in the past. And now dating apps have made everything worse. You have to be a really vain dude to get a girl. Get an iPhone and go to the most expensive tour you can afford and then pose. This pisses me off. Although, maybe that's what modern women like. Being able to afford expensive commodities and an ability to pretend may just be what success means. Maybe in a few years, this is what I will be doing as well.

Just need to get rich first. Earn some deserved privilege.

P.S. - women are cruel creatures

Update - Reading this again after two years. Jeez man. I used to be so cynical. So cringe and bitter. Forgive me for that last bit, ladies. I love you all :)