air born

Hobby projects

Turns out, writing a database from scratch is a lot of work. There has not been a single commit on kyadb in months.

Unless there is monetary gains to be had, I tend to lose interest in projects. Or maybe its not money, but just a lack of some kind of feedback. Solo hobby projects provide a very clear high at the beginning. But sustaining interest is not easy, at least for me. Working and learning with people towards a common goal is much easier in comparison. But you clearly have to sacrifice some freedom w.r.t. direction and execution. This freedom is exactly why we get that solo project high at the beginning - “I am going to implement my ideas, because they are so great and nobody can stop me".

Anyway, I am probably going to continue starting and scrapping hobby projects until I die. They just happen to be software projects right now. The next one will also be a database. But this time it will not be writing everything from scratch. Only the bits that interest me. For the parts that do not, I will reuse any existing work out there. More on what I am going to build in a subsequent post.