air born

Breaking ties

We are not meant to break ties. I can say this because I know how hard it is. Something so difficult that it makes you fight and blame yourself. It cannot be a routine thing that evolution would put you through. I could be killed right now, I would not care.

The worst part is, I know that its all my fault. I don't think I can overcome the stupid ideas in my head anytime soon. So its best not to waste someone's precious time.

I think that I will look back at this piece and wonder why I would write this down. But it should be recorded. With luck, I will forget what this is about and that it was a big deal. Or maybe a sharp regret will remain. Maybe I will think about this on my deathbed.

But each heartbreak makes us stronger. It must. I have to believe this. Otherwise, what is it that I get out of all this lost time and feelings? Bitterness? I hope not.

Life sucks right now.